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When it comes to an aftermarket canoe or kayak cup holder, there’s only one product worth looking at, the RAM Level Cup from RAM Mounts. They make a high-quality product but what I find most exciting about their drink holders is that they’re self-leveling.

Yep! Self-leveling!

How cool is that?!

The best canoe or kayak cup holder is the RAM Level Cup from RAM Mounts. It’s not only self-leveling, it’s made of high-quality powder-coated marine-grade aluminum, lightweight and high-strength composite materials, rubber balls, and stainless steel hardware.

When you’re rocking around in your kayak or canoe, your drink will self-level instead of spilling out into the bottom of the boat.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone over minor whitewater on a leisurely kayak trip only to find my beverage rolling around in the bottom of the Dagger Axis 10.5 kayak I got from REI.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love the Dagger! But cup holders that come with kayaks and canoes aren’t always adequate.

It can be discouraging and downright disgusting when your can of soda or water bottle rolls around on the bottom of your boat getting dirty water on its lid. Or worse, inside when the lid’s open.

Don’t cry over your spilled milk… Well, it’s probably coffee, water, sports drink, or other “beverage”. Go get yourself a RAM Mounts self-leveling drink holder.

But wait!

Choosing the right cup holder is pretty simple. There is a 16oz and a 32oz version of the drink holder. But there are a variety of rugged mounting options to choose from. It’s another one of the great advantages of going with this product!

Which RAM Level Cup and mounting solution is right for you?

Canoe and Kayak Cup Holder Solutions from RAM Mounts

Ram Mounts offer customizable solutions. They aren’t a one size fits all solution. You choose a solution that fits your specific need.

The components made by RAM Mounts are vast and combine for customized mounting solutions for almost any application… drink holders, fishfinder mounts, camera mounts, phone mounts, tablet mounts, computer mounts, and more for vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-sides, boats…

You get the point. You can mount almost anything to anything when you choose RAM Mounts.

There are at least three parts that you’ll need for the canoe or kayak cup holder solution. The 16oz or 32oz drink holder, the base that connects to your boat, and the arm that connects the drink holder to the base.

Choosing the Right RAM Level Cup Drink Holder

Before you go choosing your base and arm you’ll need to choose whether you want the 16oz or 32oz cup holder for your kayak or canoe.

The 16oz cup holder is all I need for the size drinks I take out on the water. You might want the larger drink holder. It’s really just a matter of preference.

Let’s check out the features of these drink holders so you can make your best choice…

RAM Level Cup 16oz Drink Holder Features

RAM Level Cup 16oz Drink Holder
  • The RAM Level Cup 16oz drink holder can accommodate mugs ranging from 2.5″ to 3.5″ in diameter, cups with handles, cans, and 12oz to16oz plastic bottles with a weight capacity of up to 2lbs.
  • The cup holder has the B size 1″ RAM ball which connects to any B size RAM double socket arm.
  • Made of marine-grade aluminum and high-strength composite materials.
  • Includes a RAM Mounts drink koozie
  • Lifetime warranty

RAM Level Cup XL 32oz Drink Holder Features

RAM Level Cup XL 32oz Drink Holder
  • The RAM Level XL 32oz drink holder can accommodate cans, 12oz to 32oz plastic bottles, insulated cups, and 32oz containers with a weight capacity up to 2lbs.
  • An oversized opening for those Big Gulps with an adjustable bottom piece that moves up and down to accommodate taller cups.
  • The bottom of the cup holder has rubber feet that flex to securely hold the base of various drink containers.
  • The cup holder has the B size 1″ RAM ball which connects to any B size RAM double socket arm.
  • Made of high-strength composite materials.
  • Includes a RAM Mounts drink koozie
  • Lifetime warranty

Choosing the Right RAM Base for the Level Cup Drink Holder

RAM bases are for hardshell kayaks and canoes or inflatable kayaks, fishing float tubes, and pontoons.

RAM Level Cup 16oz Drink Holder with Clamp

RAM has you covered with…

  • Drill-Down Bases
  • Track Bases
  • Clamp Bases
  • Threaded Bases
  • Adhesive Bases
  • Suction Cup Bases
  • Adhesive Bases for Inflatable Boats
  • or a Strap Base for Inflatable Boats

Choosing the Right RAM Arm for the Level Cup Drink Holder

RAM Level Cup XL 32oz Drink Holder with Arm and Track Base

The socket arms that go between the base and the cup holder come in four lengths. Lengths depend on whether you buy the arm in marine-grade aluminum or high-strength composite material.

If you have other unique mounting needs, you can probably find it. They have so many mounting systems it’s mind-boggling.


Now that you know the best canoe and kayak cup holder, you can avoid spilled beverages out on the water which makes for a much happier and safer paddling experience. It’s a simple way to avoid dehydration when paddling too.

The Best Canoe & Kayak Cup Holder... It Self-Levels!: Canoe on a calm lake that's missing a much needed cup holder.
Steve Hood

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