What Hull Materials Are Used In Sea Eagle Boats?

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Sea Eagle uses two different rugged hull materials in their inflatable boats, kayaks, canoes, and boards. A moderate-pressure, 33 or 38 mil PolyKrylar (K80 PVC) fabric is used in their smaller, lighter boats and a high-pressure, 36 mil 1000 to 2000 denier polyester-reinforced fabric in high-performance boats.

Sea Eagle Rescue14 Sport Runabout Inflatable Boat Review

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The Sea Eagle Rescue14 Sport Runabout is a beefed-up version of the 14ft Sport Runabout in high-visibility, bright orange for easy recognition during rescue operations. The Rescue14 is specifically designed for emergency rescue personnel and holds 7 adults and a maximum load capacity of 2000 lbs. (907 kgs.).

Sea Eagle 12’6″ Sport Runabout Inflatable Boat Review

Inflatable Boats

This is Sea Eagle’s most popular size transom boat. It’s large enough to take up to a 30hp engine and pull a skier or a tow-able, capable of motoring long distances without filling up, economical to run, and easy to trailer, or cartop if you don’t want to stow and later spend the 20 to 30 minutes setting it up at the put-in.