Is There A Weight Limit For Kayaks?


The maximum weight capacity of a kayak is very important whether you are renting or buying. If you overload a kayak its performance can suffer greatly or worse… It can sink. Let’s look at why kayak weight limits are a concern and how a kayak’s optimal performance weight limit differs.

How To Buy A Used Kayak Without Getting Taken


Want to save money when buying a kayak? Buying used can save you up to 50% off the price of a new kayak. The savings depends on demand, location, age, construction quality, condition, season, and marketplace.

Wetsuit vs Drysuit For Kayaking: Cold Water Immersion

Paddling, Winter

The choice between a kayaking wetsuit or drysuit primarily depends on air and water temperatures. A kayak drysuit is the best choice in winter when the air and water temperatures are both cold. Whereas, a wetsuit is best when the water is cold but the air is warm.

Pedal Kayak Questions and Answers

Fishing, Paddling

Pedal kayaks have a pedal drive system reminiscent of that of a recumbent bike. The unique design allows hands-free kayaking with minimal effort. Pedal kayaks bring with them a series of questions that must be understood to determine if one of these boats is the best fit for your style of boating.