Inflatable Kayaks: Set Up and Inflation


Although inflatable kayaks offer the ultimate convenience in their storability and transportability, there are a few set up and inflation guidelines to follow when getting your boat ready for the water. Inspect and Assemble Your Brand New Inflatable Kayak It is important to inspect and assemble a new inflatable kayak. By getting familiar with your […]

August 8, 2020

Best GoPro Mounts for Kayaking


The best GoPro mounts for kayaking depend on your style of kayaking and your creative vision. Recreational, whitewater, and fishing kayakers are likely to use different mounting options and whether mounting your GoPro directly to your kayak, body, or helmet, all will produce a different look. One thing all kayakers have in common when picking […]

July 10, 2020

Fishing Float Tube Accessories

Fishing, Paddling

Fishing float tubes outfitted with the right accessories have the unique ability to access those hard-to-reach spots denied to other fishing boats. Use these fishing float tube accessories to customize your tube and maximize your experience on the water. Desired and Required Fishing Float Tube Accessories Some float tube accessories like your PFD will be […]

June 19, 2020