Difference Between River Tubes And Snow Tubes

Paddling, Winter

The biggest difference between heavy-duty, river tubes and snow tubes are the bottom surface materials. Snow tubes have a glossy, heavy-duty, slick vinyl bottom where most river tubes have a reinforced, PVC mesh floor that would act like a cheese grater on snow stopping you dead in your tracks.

What Is The Best Weather For Building A Snowman?


Snowflakes that fall around 32 degrees Fahrenheit (–2 °C) have the best moisture content and crystalline structure for building a snowman. It’s at this temperature that we find snowflakes called stellar dendrites. These classically branching snowflakes provide the right surface size, structure, and moisture to bind with ease.

Winter Camping: How To Stay Warm While Sleeping

Camping, Winter

Most people think about camping in the milder seasons, but what about camping in winter? There’s a wonderful beauty found in winter camping, especially in freshly fallen snow where you can combine cross country skiing or snowshoeing. If you’re winter camping, you need to know how to stay warm and cozy while sleeping. Don’t put […]

Snowshoeing Safety Tips


Snowshoeing offers a beautiful winter adventure that is in stark contrast to summer hiking. Many of the same dangers like dehydration exist but new dangers present themselves. With proper planning, preparation, and the right gear, you can have a safe, enjoyable adventure. To ensure your safety this winter, keep these snowshoeing safety tips in mind: […]

3-Season Vs 4-Season Tents: Which Is Best For You?

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The difference between 3-season tents and 4-season tents… Four-season tents are designed to handle winter weather. But is a 4-season tent good in all four seasons? After all, winter outdoor gear isn’t always a good fit for the summer months. Let’s look at the weather conditions that 3-season and 4-season tents are designed to handle. […]