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Fishing float tubes outfitted with the right accessories have the unique ability to access those hard-to-reach spots denied to other fishing boats.

Use these fishing float tube accessories to customize your tube and maximize your experience on the water.

Desired and Required Fishing Float Tube Accessories

Some float tube accessories like your PFD will be required by law, but most enhance function and improve comfort.

The most difficult aspect of float tube fishing over kayak or personal pontoon fishing is the lack of storage space so pick your accessories carefully. But a few of the accessories we list like the right PFD and D-ring patches expand the storage capabilities of your float tube. A huge benefit!

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Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

There are plenty of great PFDs to choose from like the Kokatat Leviathan with its 14 pockets for keeping all your fishing gear nearby and organized.

Fishing PFDs recommended for flatwater paddling are best when float tube fishing. The extra pockets in them are an important feature! There just aren’t many storage areas on a float tube.

P.S. The Kokatat also has a Leviathan PFD specifically designed for women.

Float Tube Fins

Float Tube Fins, much like swimming flippers, propel you and your fishing float tube through the water.

The right fin will make a huge difference in your happiness when float tube fishing. Don’t skimp on quality and comfort here!

Consider a pair of Outcast Power Kick Fins with Kicker Keepers. They have a unique V-shaped blade to provide better acceleration for powering float tubes and personal pontoon boats through the water with minimal effort. Just strap them over your wading boots to stealthily maneuver your tube.

Kicker Keepers

Consider a lanyard of some sort for your fins if they don’t come with Kicker Keepers.

Kicker Keepers secure your float tube fins to your ankles to prevent loss should they slip off.


Waders come in a variety of styles with different insulating properties to keep you dry and comfortable when fishing in your float tube. Just pick the right size and material for your fishing location and season. Waders also shield you from funk in the water, leeches, and insects.

Wading Boots

Unless you buy booted waders, you’ll need a pair of wading boots to go along with those waders. The wading boots will be needed with the float tube fins we covered and will also be a great buy for anyone starting out in fly fishing.

Backpack Straps

Padded Outcast Backpack Straps can be easily clipped to the D-rings of many fishing float tubes so you can comfortably carry your inflated tube to the perfect fishing spot. The additional sternum strap adds balance, stability, and comfort and the strap’s additional D-rings provide a place to clip extra gear.

Stripping Apron

Your fishing float tube probably came with a stripping apron for holding your fly line while fly-fishing, but if it didn’t you’ll want one designed to fit your float tube.


Fishing float tubes don’t always come with pumps. Whether you pick a manual pump or an electric pump, you’ll want a high-pressure pump with an integrated pressure gauge for precisely inflating your float tube.

Manual Pump

When choosing a manual pump, look for a double-action pump like the NRS Super 2 HP Pump.

A double-action pump is one that pumps air with both the down and up stroke so you can inflate your float tube twice as fast.

Electric Pump

The Aquaglide 12V Turbo 2.3 Electric Kayak Pump is perfect for quickly inflating and deflating your float tube. Electric pumps are well worth the money if you use your float tube often, don’t like using a manual pump, or have other inflatables like a SUP, personal inflatable pontoon, or inflatable kayak.


Some people like having an extra paddle in case of emergency or for getting off the water faster. Make sure it’s one that doesn’t take up a lot of room like this Telescoping Mini Paddle from Amazon.

Leashes and Lanyards

Leashes and lanyards come in handy for keeping up with rods, landing nets, telescoping paddle, safety whistle… and don’t forget one for all those fish you’ll be catching!

Kayak paddle leashes often work well as a fishing rod leash.

Landing Net

You’ll need a humane float tube fishing net or fly fishing net with rubber netting that won’t remove that all-important fish slime, like the Brodin Yellowstone Float Tube Net.

Short-handled nets are ideal when float tube fishing and if you don’t get a net that floats, be sure to secure it with a leash.

Waterproof Case

Many electronics, wallets, fishing licenses, and other items don’t like water and need the protection of a case like the Pelican Ruck Case. These cases are not only waterproof up to 2 meters for up to 30 minutes. Its rubber bumpers protect against drops too.

I often double up on protection and put my Pelican case in my dry bag.

Dry Bag

It’s always smart to carry along a dry bag or two to hold and protect extra clothing, water, food, sunscreen, lip balm, first-aid kit, personal items, repair kit, etc.

Float Tube Storage Bag

Some float tubes come with a storage bag that’s roomy enough to carry other essential items like your fins.

If your float tube didn’t come with a bag, the 120L Seal Line Pro Dry Pack is a great option. It’s a backpack dry bag made of ultra-durable waterproof materials and has welded seam construction.

Float Tube Anchor Kit

Bass Pro Shops has an anchor system with a 3 1/3 lb anchor, 25′ marine-grade rope with an in-line buoy, and a heavy-duty stainless steel snap hook that’s great for use when float tube fishing.

D-Ring Patches

Float tubes have limited storage. Adding D-ring patches provides the opportunity to secure your gear just the way you like it.

Mounting System

The best mounting system I’ve found for inflatable boats is from RAM Mounts. They have a variety of adhesive and strap bases for inflatable boats that will allow you to mount a fishing rod holder, cup holder, tackle table, fishfinder, phone, GoPro, etc. RAM has mounts for almost everything! The strap and track bases are my personal favorites for the float tube.

Fish finder

With the RAM Mount solutions, you can easily attach a fish finder to your float tube.


You might want a GoPro to show off that amazing catch!

The GoPro Hero is our preferred recreational camera for fishing. It’s waterproof down to 33ft, voice-controlled for hands-free use, and designed to provide natural audio quality in windy conditions. However, you really should stick to those float tube safety rules and get off the water in very windy conditions.

Back to the voice-control, hands-free feature. This is a crazy awesome feature when you’ve mounted your GoPro to the tube with the RAM mount system I mentioned.

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Float Tube Repair Kit

You’ll want a repair kit for your float tube that includes extra float tube valves and adapters. Having extra valves is a lesson I learned the hard way with my first float. If I had an extra one, I wouldn’t have lost a day… or my temper.

Valves and repair materials in float tube repair kits will differ according to manufacturer and type. It’s often best to buy one specific to your inflatable. Your tube may even come with one.

Popular float tube repair kit: AIRE Inflatable Boat Repair Kit

Common items in float tube repair kits include:

  • A waterproof case or dry bag to hold your repair items
  • 1 – Strip PVC material
  • 1 – Strip clear urethane material
  • 1 – Strip urethane-coated nylon (UCN) material
  • 1 – Vinyl tubing adapter
  • Extra float tube valves and adapters (Leafield, Summit, or other)
  • A valve wrench for your brand valves
  • Tear-Aid patches (Type A)
  • Tear-Aid instructions
  • Alcohol prep pads
  • 5 – Zip ties
  • 1 – Piece of sandpaper

Fishing Float Tube Safety Accessories

We have a quick rundown of the safety accessories to consider taking with you float tube fishing. Some of these you’ll wear. Others will easily pack down into the storage pockets on your fishing float tube and in your fishing PFD with all those extra pockets.


Before heading out on the water, take inventory to make sure you have everything you’ll need for an enjoyable day on the water. Some of these float tube accessories like PFD will be required by law enforcement. Others are purely items of function, desire, or comfort.

Which of these fishing float tube accessories will you be taking with you? Are there others you desire as well?

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