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Have you ever considered a hiking date? If you’re into the outdoors, you should! I had one that changed my life forever.

Is hiking a good date idea? Yes! A trail date can be a wonderful date that you’ll remember forever!

Hiking can show your date that you enjoy nature, being active, and having fun. A hiking date can be a romantic hike too! On top of it all, hiking opens communication so you can get to know each other. Some of the best conversations occur while hiking.

Reasons Why Hiking Dates Are The Best!

1. Hiking Is a Low-Pressure Date that Promotes Communication

Conversation can be limited on a dinner date leading to those awkward silences where you’re just looking at each other.

Don’t worry about what to talk about on a hike date. Hiking dates promote communication. You have the advantage of being on an adventure together. Your experiences will naturally promote conversation and establish a deeper bond.

There’s no uncomfortable eye contact either. You’re looking around at nature… and down at the roots and rocks on the trail so you don’t trip.

But there’s no need to fill every silence when on a hike. Enjoy taking in the beauty of nature together.

Note: If you have left your potential date wondering… Is hiking a date or hanging out? Your intentions weren’t made clear and your objectives will not be met. Make your intentions clear so you don’t end up hiking with a friend! Unless you just want an attractive hiking buddy.

2. Hiking Dates Provide Adventure

Hiking shows an adventurous side that makes you look exciting!

Exploring and seeing new things with your date is a bonding experience. The scenery and wildlife you come across will be something you discover together.

Even if you’ve been on the trail a hundred times, you’ll see something new. Take time to admire the flowers, deer, birds, and streams. Exploring nature is a fun adventure you’ll both enjoy.

3. Hiking Dates Promote Physical Contact & Romance

If you’re early into dating this person, you may not be showing a great deal of physical touch. Hiking gives the opportunity for physical contact.

Be chivalrous if you’re a man. Give a hand climbing over a log or crossing a stream. Either of you may touch an arm or shoulder when pointing out wildlife along the trail.

How to Make a Hiking Date Romantic

Romantic hiking begins with thoughtfulness and a little planning. Choose romantic hiking trails and make it a hiking picnic date in the valley below a majestic mountain, by a lake, a peaceful stream, or a waterfall along the trail. Whether you stop for a picnic or not, the beauty of nature that you encounter can spur romance. Stop and enjoy the sights along the way. Create memories.

My wife and I hiked to a waterfall on our first date.

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4. Physical Activity Shows You Care About Your Health

A hiking date shows your care about your physical health and that you’re not a lazy couch potato. It’s important to find someone in good physical health. If you fall in love with your date, you want them to be around for a long time and also want them to be interested in keeping you healthy.

You don’t have to be in crazy awesome shape for a hiking date. It will, however, tell your date that you keep in at least modest shape. I mean your not going to be hiking up Pikes Peak or anything. You should be taking a pretty easy hike.

As a bonus, seeing your date’s physical exertion when climbing a hill or crossing an obstacle can increase their physical attractiveness.

5. Endorphins, Serotonin, and Dopamine

Hiking releases the happy chemicals: serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins.

These chemicals improve mood and elevate energy. They’re greatly responsible for human happiness.

This means that your date will feel a greater positive connection with you and is more likely to remember your date fondly. This goes for you too!

6. Hiking Dates Reduce Distractions

Many date ideas distract from getting to know each other. Movies, concerts, sporting events, etc. Not hiking, hiking promotes interaction and conversation.

Hiking dates also reduce tech distractions like smartphones. Well, hopefully, your date isn’t glued to their phone the entire hike.

7. Hiking Dates are Memorable

A hiking date is different from most dates. The two of you may forget what restaurant or movie you went to but not that romantic hiking picnic date.

Hiking dates set you apart from the competition and provide you with an opportunity to make a great impression.

8. Hiking Dates Are Cheap

Dating gets expensive! Dinner and a movie, concert, or other activity can set you back hundreds of dollars and many of these date ideas don’t provide a great atmosphere for communication.

Hiking is free! And provides a unique opportunity for you and your date to communicate.

Why not give your wallet a break? Dates don’t have to be expensive to be enjoyable.

A hiking date may be entirely free, though you might want to buy a little food for a picnic along the trail or better yet a waterfall.

9. You Might Get to Check for Ticks

I’m joking… a little. It does happen and is sometimes a necessary evil if you got into a bunch of ticks on the trail.

10. Hiking Dates Can Lead To More

A bride in a wedding gown walks beside her groom up a trail in the woods. Love and hiking dates for couples begin with the first step.

Love and hiking dates for couples being with the first step. Hiking dates like all dates don’t always lead to a romantic relationship but they can.

For me, hiking led to love and a new life…

The first date I had with my wife was a hiking date. It led to two years of dating, marriage, and two kids!

I might be biased but I’d have to say hiking dates are some of the best! 😀

Hiking Date Ideas and Tips

These hiking date tips and ideas will get you off to a great start.

  • Pay attention to the weather. You don’t want to go on a day with precipitation and don’t go when it’s too hot. Neither you nor your date wants to be drenched in sweat.
  • Opt for a short, easy trail that won’t take more than a few hours.
  • Do not hike too late in the day. You don’t want it getting dark on you.
  • Hiking to a waterfall or around water elements adds to the interest of the hike and can make it more romantic.
  • Take a picnic. If you aren’t bringing food, make sure your date knows so they can plan to eat around the hike. You don’t want a hangry hiking date!
  • Communicate with your date. They will need to know the trail, its difficulty, what to wear on your hiking date, and the hiking gear needed if any.
  • If you don’t know your date well, offer to meet at the trailhead.
  • Always let a friend or family member know where you are hiking, the exact trail, and who you’re with.

Items Should You Bring On A Hiking Date

Lacking the proper clothing, shoes, and gear can make for a miserable date. Make sure you both have the proper hiking gear, and one or both of you will need a smallish backpack for carrying a few essential items to keep your hiking date fun, comfortable, and safe.

Consider bringing along the following items. If you don’t already have them, they are available through the Backcountry and REI links provided in the list below.

  • A first-aid kit
  • Water bottles or hydration pack
  • A snack or picnic in a cooler. The sling-style or backpack coolers are my favorites for keeping hiking picnics cool.
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • A jacket or other layers in case of temperature or weather change
  • Smartphone
  • A physical copy of the trail map with a backup copy of the map on your phone
  • Compass
  • Compass app
  • GPS on your phone
  • A headlamp in case it gets dark

When Hiking Dates Should Be Avoided

  • Dating for hikers can be awesome! But don’t pick a hiking date if only one of you likes the outdoors or hiking.
  • Don’t go hiking if the weather is uncomfortable. It will make for a bad date if it’s too hot or cold or if it’s raining, humid, snowing, or very windy.
  • Don’t go if your skill level or physical abilities do not match the difficulty level of the hiking trail… You could always suggest an easier trail that better matches your capability.
  • Do not go on a hiking date if you lack the proper hiking gear for the chosen trail.
  • Don’t go if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Don’t go hiking with someone you don’t know. Hiking on a first date is not a good idea.
A couple dating hiking stop to take in a beautiful view of a waterfall coming down a mountain. Text reads... 10 Reasons Why Hiking Dates are a Great Idea.
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