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Thanks to KÜHL my outdoor adventures have changed for the better. Up until getting the KÜHL Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants, my primary go-to hiking pant has been the REI Co-op Sahara Convertible Pants. Not anymore.

Want me to cut to the chase? Here’s why I’ve permanently made the switch in convertible pants…

KÜHL Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants are an outstanding choice of pants for outdoor enthusiasts especially if you want to look great on your adventure. They’re stylish and extremely comfortable yet tough. They perform better than any other hiking pants I’ve owned.

My Last 10 Years Wearing Convertible Hiking Pants

My primary need for hiking pants is to accommodate day hiking and camping. The day hikes I take can be anything from light to strenuous and typically under 15 miles, usually 4 to 8 miles.

I shopped at and bought my first pair of convertible pants from REI about 10 years ago. I’ve been happy with them and they have held up reasonably well. I have a couple of pairs of Sahara pants from REI and each has well over 100 miles on them and countless washes.

Now, KÜHL has won me over.

First off let me divulge, KÜHL gave me these pants. I was asked by a KÜHL representative if I’d review their outdoor clothing and share my impressions. I gave them a list of 4 items that interested me and they sent me two, the men’s Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants and the Enduro Revers Legging that my wife will be reviewing.

It was after this interaction with KÜHL that I applied to their affiliate program. So, if you do buy a pair through a link on OtterBee Outdoors, I’ll get a commission.

That said, I could easily promote another pair of pants and will if I find a better pair of convertible pants for outdoor use.

What I’m trying to say is… KÜHL didn’t buy me off with a $100 pair of pants…

KÜHL won me as a future purchaser by creating superior products and proving that to me.

I’m glad they reached out.

Overview of the KÜHL Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants

No more sacrificing style, comfort, or performance in your outdoor clothing. KÜHL’s Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants have you covered.

I might be married but I’m still trying to catch my wife’s eye whether I’m at home or dressing for a hiking date. The Renegade makes a seamless transition from casual attire to outdoor pants perfect for hiking and camping.

Thank God for KÜHL! My REI convertible pants were functional but lacked the style and comfort of the Renegade Cargo Convertible Pant and with Recco reflectors, I have a little added safety.

Don’t know what Recco is? I’ll get to that in the Features section next.

Let’s check out the features of these remarkable pants. If you already know the features and want to know my pros and cons on these pants, skip on down to the verdict.

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  • Duralux™ soft-shell fabric made of 95% Nylon, 5% Spandex with 2-way stretch outperforms standard nylon
  • Durable water repellent (DWR) coating dries quickly
  • Abrasion-resistant fabric
  • RECCO reflectors made into these pants make you searchable to professional rescuers worldwide through the use of radar reflection detectors. Find out more about this amazing technology at Recco.
  • Peached waistband for increased wicking, faster drying, and comfort. (Peaching is a process that gives the fabric a soft feel like the fur on a peach.)
  • UPF 50 sun protection
  • Full fit cut, gusseted crotch, and articulated knees for ease of movement
  • Convertible pants with patented STEALTH zip-off system that eliminates the fabric flap on the outside of the pant
  • Ankle zips and snaps to easily fit over boots… See my Cons section about this.
  • Mesh front pockets for added ventilation
  • Velcro closures on the back and cargo pockets for securing your belongings
  • Lightweight
  • The KÜHL warranty guarantees the quality and performance of its products.
  • Imported from Bangladesh

Technical Specs

Best UseHiking and Camping
Fabric95% nylon, 5% spandex
Recco ReflectorsYes
Moisture WickingYes
Quick DryingYes
Sun-Protective FabricYes
UPF Rating50
Cargo PocketsYes
Pant FitRelaxed Full Fit
Pant Leg StyleStraight
Inseam30, 32, 34″
Waist30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40″
Shorts Inseam10.75″
Weight1 lbs

Care Instructions

KÜHL Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants are easy to care for wash and wear pants.

Machine wash in cold water with like colors, no bleach, and tumble dry on low.

I hang dry mine. They dry quickly and without any wrinkles.

About KÜHL

KÜHL creates top-notch outdoor clothing for rugged and relentless adventurers, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who work outdoors. I much appreciate the design and superb craftsmanship that go into their products. It shows a deep knowledge of the adventurer lifestyle.

Verdict on the KÜHL Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants

As you can tell by reading, I’m partial to KÜHL’s Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants but I have a few reservations that I’m putting up. They’re still better than my REI convertible pants.

Let’s check out my pros and cons…

Pros of the KÜHL Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants

  • The sizing of the Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pant appears to be accurate. I wear a 32″x32″ and they fit perfectly.
  • The mesh pockets perform well without catching on items I carried. A problem I’ve had with mesh pockets in the past.
  • The zippers of the STEALTH zip-off system work great, quickly convert into shorts, do not chafe when hiking, and are far superior to the REI convertible pants I’m used to.
  • Velcro pockets securely close to keep items safely in place. I read some reviews where people thought the Velcro was overkill and difficult to open. Not the case with mine. Even my 11-month daughter enjoys opening and closing them.
  • The cargo pockets were reasonably sized and not so big that they snagged on things.
  • The material is extremely comfortable and doesn’t chafe.
  • Sturdy snaps secure the waist and ankles. The additional snap for tightening the cuff is a nice touch.
  • Reinforced fabric on the back of the cuff adds to its durability.
  • The two-way stretch fabric and gusseted crotch provide freedom of movement.
  • Water beaded up on the durable water repellent (DWR) fabric and dried quickly.
  • The waistband is the best of any pants is I’ve owned.
  • The ultraviolet protection provided by these pants is a huge plus. I look for added protection after past sun damage.
  • Though I initially thought the pants were pricy, the price difference is obvious when comparing it to my REI convertible hiking pants. KÜHL Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants are well worth the investment.
  • No abrasions to the pants so far.
  • Perfect for casual wear in place of jeans or less formal khakis, especially if you plan to transition to an outdoor adventure.
  • Superior stitching to my REI convertible pants and other hiking pants I’ve owned.

Cons of the KÜHL Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants

  • The side cargo pockets need to be about a half-inch deeper. I have a Samsung Galaxy s9 with OtterBox Commuter Series Case the velcro closure does not meet all the way and comes apart too easily.
  • They are slightly noisier than any other hiking pants I’ve owned. If stealth is needed on your outdoor adventure, these pants might not be right for you.
  • I wear a size 10.5 Vasque hiking boot and have trouble getting the zip-off portion of the leg over my boot. The vertical zippers on the convertible leg only unzip partway up the leg, unlike my REI pair that unzips all the way up to the horizontal zipper that goes around the leg.

Where to Buy Your Pair of KÜHL Pants

The best place to buy a pair of Renegade Cargo Convertible Recco Pants is KÜHL of course. It’s best to purchase through KÜHL for the best customer service for their products. They’re extremely helpful and if you have questions, they’re the best source for information.

Steve Hood

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