Roof-Top Tents vs Ground Tents


Have you been looking at roof-top tents and ground tents trying to determine which tent might benefit you most? Both roof-top tents and ground tents have advantages and disadvantages. Your style of camping and location often dictate which tent is best.

June 1, 2021

How Do You Level A Roof-Top Tent?


When leveling your roof-top tent, it’s best to start by parking on the flattest surface you can find. From this starting point, use a combination of a leveling tool to measure your pitch and roll and leveling blocks, recovery boards, air suspension, scrap lumber, rock, log, or firewood to level your vehicle.

May 23, 2021

Can You Use A 2-Person Kayak Alone?


Two-person kayaks are great when there is an inexperienced person on your trip or if you want to tandem kayak with your spouse, child, date, or friend. But what happens if you want to kayak alone? Can you paddle a 2-person kayak by yourself?

May 20, 2021