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Sea Eagle QuikSail Universal Kayak Sail Kits give you another way to utilize your kayak, canoe, or SUP and if you’re into sailing and kayaking, it’s far less expensive than buying both a sailing dinghy and kayak.

How cool is that? You can’t make a personal sailboat into a kayak but you can make a kayak into a sailboat. Two boats in one!

There are many advantages to kayak sails including:

  • Worn out and/or under time constraints? Rest your back, arms, and shoulders. Let the wind do the work while you steer with a rudder or paddle.
  • Windy days in a kayak aren’t always that fun but if you have a sail, those windy days are a blast!
  • There are days for exercise and there are days for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. A kayak sail allows you to cover a far greater distance with ease.
  • A new outdoor toy! Make a sailing dinghy out of your kayak for very little money.

Sea Eagle QuikSail Universal Kayak Sail Kits fit a variety of kayaks, canoes, and SUPs. Let’s take a closer look.

Operating The Sea Eagle QuikSail Universal Kayak Sail

Two kayakers on a lake in a tandem Sea Eagle 420x Explorer inflatable kayak with a QuikSail Universal Kayak Sail.

The Sea Eagle QuikSail Universal Kayak Sail Kit deploys in just under a minute to convert any hard-shell or inflatable kayak into a personal sailboat with a downwind sail that can propel you up to 7 knots.

To harness the wind, you can adjust the position of the sail up to 45 degrees left or right by pulling at the handles or pushing against the base of the sail’s frame with your feet. Steering is just as simple. Just use your paddle or a kayak rudder.

Features Of The Kayak Sail Kit

  • 14 sq ft Neil Pryde Sail
  • Measures 43″x3″
  • Extends to 81″
  • Hands-Free, Self-Standing, Sturdy Aluminum Folding Frame
  • 5′ Rope-Stay System
  • Weighs 2 lbs
  • Velcro Storage Strap
  • Nylon Storage Carrying Bag

Recommended For Use With:

Note: Due to its lack of D-Rings, a Deluxe Inflatable Seat is required when using the QuickSail with Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks.

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Man on a lake using his paddle to steer a LongBoard Inflatable SUP with attached Sea Eagle QuikSail Universal Kayak Sail.

Assembly And Installation Of The Sea Eagle QuikSail

Assembling Sea Eagle’s Universal Kayak Sail

To assemble the sail, unfold the aluminum frame and insert the halves to complete the full-length poles.

Locate the openings at the bottom end of the two pole sleeves on each side of the sail and simultaneously feed the top end of the poles up through the sleeves until the frame is fully inserted.

Positioning The Sail In Your Kayak

Your feet act as a brace for the bottom of the sail’s frame. Open the sail and place it in the front of your boat at a comfortable distance from your seat.

Rope-Stay System

The rope-stay system of the QuikSail supports the sail for hands-free operation.

  1. Secure one end of the rope-stay with a simple overhand knot to one of the D-Rings or eye straps located on the side of the kayak in front of the seat.
    • If your kayak lacks D-Rings or eye straps, you can easily add them yourself. Many inflatable kayaks require D-Ring patches compatible with the material of the boat. See the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    • For Sea Eagle kayaks not equipped with D-Rings, tie one end of the rope-stay to the loop at the base of a Deluxe Inflatable Seat.
  2. Just below the sail is where the two frame poles cross and connect to one another. Run the rope-stay around the frame pole closest to you so the rope goes through the middle of the frame just above the bolt that holds the poles together.
  3. At the other end of the rope-stay is a clip. Secure it to the D-Ring on the opposite side of the kayak.

You’re ready to sail! Steady and support the kayak sail by bracing your feet against the bottom of the frame and look through the window in the sail to see where you’re going.

View PDF Instructions

Breakdown And Storage Of The Sea Eagle QuikSail

  • Detach the rope-stay system.
  • Dry off the sail prior to storage.
  • Break down the aluminum frame and roll the sail around it and the rope-stay.
  • Secure the universal kayak sail with the velcro strap to prevent it from unrolling and catching in the wind.
  • Slide the QuikSail into its storage bag and cinch it closed with the drawstring.
  • The 43″ universal kayak sail kit can easily be stored in your garage, closet, or other dry location to prevent damage from mold and mildew.


It’s common for kayakers to make modifications to their kayaks. Certain uses like kayak fishing may require a few modifications. The great thing about the Sea Eagle QuikSail Universal Kayak Sail Kit is that it converts your kayak into a sailing dinghy without any permanent modifications.

Have fun sailing!

Steve Hood

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