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Doing some paddle boarding? Whether you’re heading out for a leisurely paddle on a calm lake, ocean, or river, you only need a few items in addition to the Ten Essentials. This SUP Gear Checklist will help you plan a much safer and more enjoyable excursion.

Essential SUP Gear

What to Wear Paddle Boarding

Two people on paddle boards on a lake with mountains in the distance.

You’ve heard the saying, “Dress for the weather.” Well, that’s wrong when it comes to paddlesports. In paddlesports, you dress for the water, not the air temperature. Always plan on entering the water. Being wet and cold can easily lead to hypothermia.

In warmer water and air temperatures, wear clothing that dries quickly. Polyester and other synthetic fabrics will dry faster than cotton. It’s just more comfortable when your clothes dry faster and you really want fast-drying clothes when the water and/or air are cool.

In cold water and air temperatures, wear clothing that insulates.

For more information on cold weather paddling, check out What Do You Wear When Kayaking In Cold Water? The advice holds true for paddle boarding.

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Other Possible SUP Gear

Two people paddle boarding on a mountain lake.

You may need additional gear. This depends on your adventure and how you use your paddle board.

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