Canoe & Kayak Safety Equipment Checklist


Whether you’re going on a short paddle or an overnight adventure, certain safety equipment is essential when you canoe or kayak. This canoe and kayak safety equipment checklist covers the items you’ll need for calm water paddling adventures. If you’re planning a whitewater adventure you’ll need additional safety equipment gear like a kayak helmet. It’s […]

January 17, 2020

3-Season Vs 4-Season Tents: Which Is Best For You?


The difference between 3-season tents and 4-season tents… Four-season tents are designed to handle winter weather. But is a 4-season tent good in all four seasons? After all, winter outdoor gear isn’t always a good fit for the summer months. Let’s look at the weather conditions that 3-season and 4-season tents are designed to handle. […]

January 10, 2020

What To Wear On A Hiking Date


Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a hiking date! They can be some of the most enjoyable and memorable dates ever! But do you know what to wear on a hiking date? Sure you want to look great on your date, but weather, terrain, and safety factor into the equation too. Are you new to hiking? Maybe […]

January 3, 2020

Night Hikes: How To Hike Safely At Night


Night hikes offer unique opportunities for experiencing nature with unique dangers. To prevent mishaps, here are some night hike rules and safety tips. Your hiking group or park may also have specific rules for your particular hike as well. These may differ depending on if it is a standard night hike or a unique night […]

December 23, 2019

5 Unique Night Hikes For Your Bucket List


There are 5 types of night hikes you should add to your bucket list: full moon, stargazing, blue ghost firefly, glow-worm, and owl. Each offers unique experiences that you can’t get by hiking during the day. Hiking after dark initially sounds creepy and does propose additional dangers that day hikes don’t have. When going on […]

December 19, 2019

Beginner Hiking Mistakes You Need To Avoid


Beginning and experienced hikers make hiking mistakes. I know I’ve made my share. My worst happened when hiking in unfamiliar areas of the country. Hikes in different regions often require different gear and skillsets. As a beginning hiker, you’re likely to make one or more of the following mistakes due to lack of preparedness, lack […]

December 7, 2019