Is There A Weight Limit For Kayaks?


The maximum weight capacity of a kayak is very important whether you are renting or buying. If you overload a kayak its performance can suffer greatly or worse… It can sink. Let’s look at why kayak weight limits are a concern and how a kayak’s optimal performance weight limit differs.

How To Buy A Used Kayak Without Getting Taken


Want to save money when buying a kayak? Buying used can save you up to 50% off the price of a new kayak. The savings depends on demand, location, age, construction quality, condition, season, and marketplace.

Wetsuit vs Drysuit For Kayaking: Cold Water Immersion

Paddling, Winter

The choice between a kayaking wetsuit or drysuit primarily depends on air and water temperatures. A kayak drysuit is the best choice in winter when the air and water temperatures are both cold. Whereas, a wetsuit is best when the water is cold but the air is warm.

Are Roof Top Tents Comfortable? And Ways to Improve Comfort


Rooftop tents can be very comfortable. They are up off the cold hard, lumpy, ground, and come with a high-density foam mattress. Different brands and models have mattresses of varied thicknesses and quality that can rival your bed at home. Comfortable pillows and a blanket add to the lavishness.