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The Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack kayak is fast, lightweight, incredibly stable, and super durable. It’s the best inflatable kayak in its class and a perfect choice for anyone who paddles on flatwater lakes, bays, marshes, calm rivers, and whitewater up to Class II rapids.

The FastTrack 385 can easily be converted from a solo kayak to a 2-person kayak. I have a lot of big and tall men in my family. The solo setup provides an amazing amount of room for larger adults with plenty of extra room for gear. As a tandem kayak, two average adults with gear and a dog or small child are a comfortable fit.

Have kids like me? The stability of the 385 FastTrack provides safety for your youngins. This kayak doesn’t flip or tip easily… Kayak stability provides great peace of mind!

A parent paddles a 385 FastTrack with their son in the bow of the kayak.

Speaking of safety, with its almost indestructible construction and multiple inflation chambers, the Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 is virtually unsinkable. If one of the four separate air chambers is somehow compromised, the remaining chambers will keep the kayak afloat.

If you plan on kayaking whitewater greater than Class II rapids, the Sea Eagle Explorer is a better choice.

Not sure if the 385ft is right for you? Check out the Best Sea Eagle Kayaks For 2024 with Buyer’s Guide.

For a better understanding of the whitewater rating system, visit American Whitewater.

Pros and Cons of the Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack


  • Innovative design
  • Excellent quality that is built to last through years of abuse
  • One of the safest kayaks on the market
  • External, state-of-the-art, high-pressure, inflatable, drop-stitch, NeedleKnife keel at the bow for improved tracking and faster, smoother paddling
  • Removable skeg that firmly attaches with a retaining clip
  • Handles a 12″ draft without having to take off the skeg
  • Glides straight when you stop paddling
  • The removable rigid, high-pressure, drop-stitch floor increases structural integrity, removes flex, and forms a stable, flat surface on which you can stand comfortably.
  • The removable drop-stitch floor makes cleaning easier
  • Top-quality air valves located in the bow of the kayak are easy to access and simple to service or replace
  • Impossible to overinflate with the included pump that limits inflation to the proper PSI
  • Sun and saltwater-resistant hull material
  • Lightweight
  • High load capacity of 3 persons or 635 lbs. (Learn more about the weight limits of kayaks.)
  • Ample storage with two people, plenty of legroom, and can carry gear for a multiday trip.
  • Extremely durable 1000 Denier reinforced hull material with quadruple overlapped seams is thicker and more durable than other inflatable kayaks
  • The kayak is NOT made of PVC air bladders covered in a denier shell. This improves weight and makes maintenance easier.
  • The FastTrack’s smaller side chambers provide a low profile that reduces its chance of being blown around in high winds
  • Front and rear spray skirts
  • Quick inflation and easy setup
  • Plenty of discount packages to choose from
  • Ample number of accessories for customization
  • Available tall back kayak seat with a low center of gravity and 4 adjustable straps improves stability and provides great back support
  • 120-day risk-free trial
  • 3-year limited warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • Available 3-year extended hull warranty
  • Superb customer support
  • Setup video in addition to printed instructions


  • Not great in whitewater. It has a whitewater rating suitable up to Class II and lacks the maneuverability, floor drains, and more found in the Class IV-rated 380x Explorer.
  • This top-of-the-line kayak commands a higher price
  • There is a performance decrease in underinflated kayaks.
  • No dry storage. A dry bag is needed.
  • The skeg needs to be removed to improve maneuverability on rougher water
  • Though the light grey boat color doesn’t get excessively hot in the summer sun, it shows stains more easily than the hunter green 385fta FastTrack Angler
  • The standard AB30 and AB40 paddles can get heavy over time. Luckily, at 2.4 lbs each, the AB50 carbon fiber paddles in the 385ft FastTrack Pro Carbon Package are half the weight of the AB40.

About the Sea Eagle FastTrack Series of Inflatable Kayaks

A kayaker paddles a 385 FastTrack while a passenger takes photos.

The Sea Eagle FastTrack series is extremely well-designed. The combination of FastTrack’s sleek, curved, touring shape and state-of-the-art “NeedleKnife Keel” provide a faster, smoother paddling experience than ever before!


The FastTrack’s large side tubes, rigid “NeedleKnife” molds at both bow and stern, and high-pressure Drop-Stitch keel provide a cleaner entry and exit through the water. These features allow FastTrack kayaks to paddle faster and easier with greater glide in a wide variety of open water conditions including waves, currents, and wind.

In addition to its performance, the FastTrack series provides true rigid kayak performance with the benefits of an inflatable kayak. With the 385ft and 465ft FastTrack weighing 35 and 44 pounds respectively, they are a dream to lift in comparison to their hardshell counterpart which can weigh twice as much.

Best of all, FastTracks are inflatable making them easy to pack, store, and transport! No more struggling with roof racks! These kayaks fit in the trunk of your car. Want to take your kayak on vacation? No problem! With the use of its carry bag, you can check any Sea Eagle kayak as luggage on a plane. How cool is that?!

Certifications: Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack inflatable kayaks are certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) confirming that the FastTrack lineup of kayaks has been manufactured to meet the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards for design, construction, and safety.

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Top, Front, and Side Views

Top view of the FastTrack 385.
Top View
Side view of the FastTrack 385.
Side View
Front view of the FastTrack 385.
Front View


Kayakers harness the wind and swiftly sail a FastTrack 385 across the water.
Best UseFlatwater Lakes, Bays, Marshes, Calm Rivers, Whitewater up to Class II rapids
Skill LevelBeginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Structure TypeInflatable
Cockpit TypeSit-on-Top / Open Cockpit
Person Capacity2
Seating ConfigurationSolo, Tandem
Paddler SizeUp to Large Adult
Hull Weight35 lbs
Length12′ 6″
Interior11′ 7″ x 18″
Load Capacity2 Person or 635 lbs
D-Rings18 D-Rings
Deflated25″ x 18″ x 8″
Chambers4 (Port, Starboard, Floor, Keel)
Tube Diameter9.5″
Air Valves4 Recessed, One-Way Air Valves
Inflation time7 min
SeamQuadruple Overlapped Seams
Material1000 Denier Reinforced
FloorRemovable, High-Pressure, Drop-Stitch Floor
Drain Valves2 Open and Close Drain Valves
Whitewater RatingUp to Class II
Inflation Pressure3.2 psi
Engine Capacity34 lb Thrust, Electric Motor (max engine weight 15 lbs)
WarrantyLimited 3-Year (standard), 3-Year Extended (extra)

Standard Features

A boater stands in a FastTrack 385 and paddles with a SUP paddle while a female passenger reclines in the bow.

Let’s look at some popular features of the Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack…

  • NMMA Certified
  • Sun and saltwater-resistant hull material
  • External, state-of-the-art, high-pressure, inflatable, drop-stitch, NeedleKnife keel at the bow for improved tracking and faster, smoother paddling
  • Front and rear spray skirts with carry handles, storage space below the skirts, and bungee cord lacing on top for storing additional gear above
  • 18 D-rings to secure seats, accessories, and gear
  • Separate inner, high-pressure, drop-stitch inflatable floor for greater rigidity
  • Large, removable, sweptback, rear skeg for improved tracking and speed during flatwater touring
  • 4 Recessed, one-way air valves
  • 2 Screw type open and close drain valves
  • Whitewater rating up to Class II
  • Nylon carry bag
  • Repair kit
  • Printed owner’s manual with instructions

Key Features

A kayaker and a snorkeler take advantage of calm waters in a 385 Fast Track.

The following key features set the 385ft FastTrack apart from the competition and deserve closer attention.

Rigid, Drop-Stitch, Inflatable NeedleKnife Keel

Patented NeedleKnife rigid inflatable keel on the FastTrack kayak.

The FastTrack kayaks have a unique external, rigid, drop-stitch, inflatable NeedleKnife keel. This high-performance design makes a noticeable difference in this kayak’s performance by allowing the FastTrack to paddle far faster and straighter than other inflatable kayaks.

The keel design features sharp bow and stern molds that efficiently cut through wind, currents, and waves for an impressively fast and super clean entry and exit! This design also provides buoyancy and lift to improve speed whether paddling or using an electric motor.

Sleek, Asymmetrical Shape

Top view of the Sea Eagle FastTrack 385.

The 385 FastTrack has a high-performance, asymmetrical shape. Its sleek design is tapered and narrow at the bow while being wider at the stern giving it the ability to cut through waves faster and easier while providing buoyancy at the set positions where it’s most needed.

Drop-Stitch Floor Provides Double Protection

Super-Rigid, Drop-Stitch Floor on top of an outside floor. Provides rigidity, strength, and durability.

The Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack has a unique modular design featuring an extremely rigid, high-pressure, drop-stitch floor that fits on top of an outer floor to increase structural integrity.

The rigid floor not only makes for a very stable boat. It provides great rigidity yielding unparalleled responsiveness while the reinforced, outside, fabric floor provides a double layer of protection to bounce off rocks, logs, and other objects leaving the extremely durable FastTrack unscathed.

The creation of the drop-stitch floor involves the joining of two layers of poly-based fabric with tens of thousands of fine polyester threads. This forms the base layer of the floor to which an air-tight coating is applied. The result after inflation is a flat, rigid surface that greatly improves stability and performance.

The modular design also allows quick and easy removal of the drop-stitch floor for cleaning. It’s so much easier to thoroughly clean in the crevices of an inflatable kayak when the floor can be removed.

Removable Skeg for Flat Water

There is a large removable rear center skeg on FastTrack kayaks.

Another important design feature of the Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack is the large, removable, center skeg at the rear of the kayak which can easily be removed whether inflated or deflated to accommodate different water conditions and ease of storage.

Remove the kayak skeg for whitewater up to Class II or shallow water kayaking. You don’t want to be dragging the skeg along water bottoms, especially on rocky river bottoms.

For maximum paddling efficiency on flatwater, replace the skeg for reduced yawing, that annoying rotation to the left and right as you paddle. The skeg is an extremely important feature for improved tracking during long flatwater touring.

Sea Eagle 385 FastTrack Discount Kayak Packages

A kayaker sails and paddles a 385 FastTrack.

The discount kayak packages for Sea Eagle 385 FastTracks are designed to accommodate the needs of different types of paddlers. The basic accessories of each package are the dual-action auto two-stage pump with pressure gauge, repair kit, kayak carrying bag, and easy-to-store kayak paddle(s) with drip rings for staying dry.

Which bundle suits your next adventure?

Package NameIncluded AccessoriesBest For
Deluxe Solo Package385ft FastTrack Hull, Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat, AB30 7’10” Four-Part Paddle, Dual-Action Auto Two-Stage Pump w/ Pressure Gauge, Slide-In Skeg, Repair Kit, Kayak Carry BagSolo paddlers, flatwater to Class II rapids
Deluxe Package385ft FastTrack Hull, Two Deluxe Inflatable Seats, Two AB30 7’10” Four-Part Paddles, Dual-Action Auto Two-Stage Pump w/ Pressure Gauge, Slide-In Skeg, Repair Kit, Kayak Carry BagTandem or solo paddlers, versatility in water activities
Pro Package385ft FastTrack Hull, Two Tall Back Seats, Two AB40 8′ Four-Part Paddles, Two Kayak Stow Bags, Dual-Action Auto Two-Stage Pump w/ Pressure Gauge, Slide-In Skeg, Repair Kit, Kayak Carry BagTandem paddlers seeking back support and durability
Pro Carbon Package385ft FastTrack Hull, Two Tall Back Seats, Two AB50 8′ Two-Part Paddles, Two Kayak Stow Bags, Dual-Action Auto Two-Stage Pump w/ Pressure Gauge, Slide-In Skeg, Repair Kit, Kayak Carry BagPaddlers looking for lightweight paddles and efficiency
Pro Motor Package385ft FastTrack Hull, Two Tall Back Seats, Two AB40 8′ Four-Part Paddles, Watersnake Asp T24 Kayak Motor, Kayak Motor Mount, Two 4ft STRAPs, Dual-Action Auto Two-Stage Pump w/ Pressure Gauge, Slide-In Skeg, Repair Kit, Kayak Carry BagPaddlers wanting a motorized option for extended travel
QuikSail Package385ft FastTrack Hull, Two Tall Back Seats, Two AB40 8′ Four-Part Paddles, QuikSail- Universal Kayak Sail, Two Kayak Stow Bags, Dual-Action Auto Two-Stage Pump w/ Pressure Gauge, Slide-In Skeg, Repair Kit, Kayak Carry BagAdventure seekers looking to harness wind power
QuikSail Bixpy Motor Package385ft FastTrack Hull, Bixpy J-2 Electric Motor Kit, Two Tall Back Seats, Two AB40 8′ Four-Part Paddles, QuikSail- Universal Kayak Sail, Two Kayak Stow Bags, Dual-Action Auto Two-Stage Pump w/ Pressure Gauge, Slide-In Skeg, Repair Kit, Kayak Carry BagPaddlers aiming for the ultimate versatility: paddling, sailing, and motoring

Sea Eagle FastTrack Instructional Video

The following video demonstrates the ease of setup and inflation of a FastTrack kayak.

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Who Are Sea Eagle Boats?

Sea Eagle Boats is a family-owned and run company located in New York. They have had a stellar reputation for making high-quality inflatable boats since 1968 and each of the boats in their lineup is a testimony to their excellence in the inflatable boat industry.

Sea Eagle Boats are lightweight, extremely durable, compact, easy to carry and transport, and above all fun! These inflatable boats pack down into carrying bags and can be stowed as luggage when traveling or stored in a car, SUV, van, truck, RV, or yacht. You can get Sea Eagles to almost any body of water for leisure, recreation, fishing, tending, rescue, and more.

If you’d like to learn more, I’ve put together the Best Sea Eagle Kayaks For 2024 with Buyer’s Guide. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the best Sea Eagle kayaks, along with my top 5 choices, so you can pick the best one.

Sea Eagle Guarantee and Warranties

4-Month Trial Guarantee: Try a Sea Eagle Risk-Free for 120 days! “If you’re not totally happy with your boat, just return it in good condition for a full refund of your purchase price.”

3-Year Limited Warranty: 3-year limited warranty against any manufacturing defects.

3-Year Extended Hull Warranty: In addition to the limited 3-year warranty, a 3-Year Extended Hull Warranty is offered to give you 6 years of total warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Sea Eagle FastTrack 385 Alternatives

Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 Pro

Side view of the Advanced Elements StraitEdge2 Pro Inflatable Kayak, Model Number AE3027-Y-P.

The Advanced Elements StraitEdge 2 Pro is a tandem inflatable kayak with a load capacity of 500 lbs. The kayak is 13′ in length with a 35″ beam. Its size in combination with a drop-stitch floor provides excellent stability when paddling choppy waters.

Its best use is for lakes, bays, Class I-III rivers, and coastal waters.

It is constructed of a heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin hull material with electronically welded seams and features aluminum rib frames in the bow and stern. These provide extra strength and rigidity and allow the kayak to cut through the water with ease for improved speed and performance. The rib frames along with a removable fin also improve tracking.

Additional features include self-bailing ports, deck cargo bungees, paddle holders, molded rubber handles, adjustable foot pegs, rod holders, carry bag, repair kit, and 1-year warranty.

Sea Eagle 380x Explorer

Sea Eagle 380X Explorer Inflatable Kayak Pro Motor Package, Model Number 380XK_PM.

At 12 foot 6 inches, the Sea Eagle 380x Explorer is the medium-size model in the Explorer series of inflatable kayaks. Perfect for solo or tandem kayakers desiring versatility in adventures, the rugged design tackles whitewater, flatwater, and almost everything in between including fishing, sailing, and rowing.

If you are looking for a kayak that can handle up to Class IV rapids. This is the iKayak for you.

Check out my Explorer 380 review to learn more.

Sea Eagle 385ft Review Conclusion

A 385ft FastTrack inflatable kayak with an electric motor.

The Sea Eagle 385ft FastTrack is one of the best-made inflatable kayaks available and a wonderful choice for beginner and intermediate kayakers to the advanced paddler who is looking to tandem paddle or who wants extra leg room when solo paddling.

This two-person inflatable kayak is designed with rigidity, excellent tracking performance, and top-notch speed that rivals any hardshell kayak in its class, yet it’s light, easy to transport, and compactly stores away in a corner of the garage or closet in your home.

The FastTrack kayak’s best use is for flatwater or slow-moving rivers of Class II or less. They don’t handle rougher waters well. The Sea Eagle Explorer would be better if you are looking for an inflatable kayak that can handle up to Class IV rapids.

The FastTrack 385 vs 465

The 385 FastTrack and the 385 Fastrack Angler are 12′ 6″ in length. This length is great for one or two-person use. If you want a kayak that fits 3-people and the family dog or you are tall and need extra leg room when paddling in tandem or need more room for gear on a multiday paddling trip, look at the 15’3″ FastTrack 465. It has a load capacity of 3 persons or 795 lbs. That’s 160 extra pounds!

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